70`s - 80`s Club Classic Disco
70`s - 80`s Club Classic Disco

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Welcome to 70s & 80`s Club Classics, we can provide you with the very best dedicate dj`s

for your event or party. 70`s & 80`s Club Classics provide the best dance party music from those decades, incorporating: Theme nights, Weddings, Corporate events, Clubs, Pubs, Charities  etc. As Club Classic DJ`s and presenters the 70`s & 80`s is what we do and we do know what we are doing, that is why we can give you and your guests the best 70`s & 80`s musical journey at your event. Taking some of your guests back in time when, bell bottom trousers, leisure suits, afro`s and platforms were all part of the 70`s. Shoulder pads, blue eyes hadow multi couloured socks were all part of the 80`s. For some of your guests this will be an experiance they wont forget as this could be their first time on this remarkable journey.


We can play at any size venue and number of guests with or without a PA systems or lighting, we are fully self contained and insured, PAT tested to current regulations all equipment is maintained to the highest standards. All our equipment is supplied from www.eaglelighting.co.uk


We can DJ your event as a 70`s disco, an 80`s disco or combined as the club classics

giving you the best of these decades. We can incorporate sets of Glam Rock, SKA, whatever your event requires.


We engage with you to plan your 70`s & 80`s event we welcome fancy dress as this helps

engage with the crowed and the music. If we can help you plan your event or answer your questions please contact us.

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